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Are you busy, busy, busy but not yielding the big results you want?

Do you find yourself craving more free time to do fun things, but can’t find the time (or money) to do them?

Are you running your business or is your business running you?

Yes, I am talking to you if you are a growing business owner but are having a hard time enjoying the entrepreneurial lifestyle you have chosen.

You are making money, maybe not enough and you definitely do not have enough time in your life compared to the time you spend in your business.

I can make building a profitable business and delicious life easier, faster and way more fun for you.

The Big Shift

September 10th, 2016
10am - 5pm

Courtyard by Marriott Atlanta
Decatur Downtown/Emory

130 Clairemont Ave
Decatur, GA 30030

Yes, Yes, Yes, - I am ready for the Big Shift!

is this you?

The end of the week arrives (yeah!) and as you ponder those last 5 days you begin to fixate on the facts that your week was not as productive and/or profitable as you wanted it to be….again.

And, you were not able to workout, meet a friend for lunch or make any plans for the weekend. You are so used to working really hard, that you tell yourself it is ok not to have plans, you’ll just work anyway because you did not get done what you wanted to during the week.

This is the life of an unsatisfied entrepreneur. I have a feeling this is not why you began your business.

I am here to tell you that it does not have to be this way.  Really.

For the last 13 years, I have coached hundreds of small business owners to increase their positivity so they are more productive and profitable. I have learned, (the hard way) the myth that life begins when you have money is very far from the truth.

I am a Happiness Pioneer with a Merging Mission* that will enhance our world. Research shows that when you are flourishing your engagement increases.....alot! This increase helps you achieve more of what is important to you in your business, so you can make a bigger impact, earn more money and have more fun.

* My mission is to have more people let me merge in traffic. When people are flourishing, they will let you in front of them. When they are not having a good day , no one is getting in front of them!

Friends collaborating and working together happily
"Carving out time for gardening helps me succeed in all areas of my life.  My Rich Life is a result of choosing the correct mindset to easily navigate what it takes to be a profitable business owner." - Rick Kern

If you are ready to add more fulfillment to your days and money in your bank account, join me at The Big Shift.

At the end of this delicious day you will have:

  • The missing ingredient that helps you accomplish more of what is important to you in less time, while increasing sales in your company.
  • A simple strategy to harness an optimistic mindset to improve your productivity & create a juicy life.
  • A step by step process to understand, create and utilize rituals to enhance your day, even in the midst of a super crazy week.
  • A plan to increase your confidence (and excitement) so when you ask for people’s business you receive it!
  • A blueprint to create sustainable change, so your new habits last longer than a box of thin mint cookies in the freezer
Yes, I want to learn how to shift!

I will be sharing my Mind Body & Business approach to creating time in your business for a rich life.

The day will begin with learning more about the beautiful intersection of science and woo woo and how flourishing is the best business skill you can learn this year.

Alan's Rich Life includes sharing his passion to make a difference to society by working with other juvenile justice leaders.

When you are flourishing, your days will be filled with:

  • More passion and energy to get it all done.
  • You using your gifts and talents to make the difference you want.
  • The confidence and courage to say no to what you don’t really want, so you can say yes to what you do want (and feel clear about what those activities are).

We’ll weave this into the day with conversations and activities about creating healthy boundaries that let you enjoy financial success and more of the fun factor that looks like:

  • Having enough time to get your work done at 6PM so you can play with your kids and/or enjoy a conversation with your partner.
  • Actually taking time off to travel with friends and family (or enjoy a staycation this year) with the money to pay for it.
  • Tactical strategies that help you be more focused, fruitful and financially fabulous.
Roseann's Rich Life includes moving from ideas to a new business venture.
Carolyn's Rich Life includes traveling to places she can make a difference for herself and others.

These shifts will happen with a group of other amazing business people that want more life in their business like you. The rubber meets the road when you learn the habits and rituals to use that bring about better results all around you, including:

  • More money in the bank.
  • More time to do what you love.
  • More courage to be the business person you really want to be.

The interesting thing is people, like you, that will benefit the most from this event are super busy.

You are running a business (or two) and doing your best to keep all of the balls in the air. You have a family and want more life in your business, so you tell yourself, “I already know this and I really do not want to give up a Saturday for another event.”

I get it – I am that woman. In the words of Oprah Winfrey – what I know for sure is that attending this event will:

  • Move you from talking the talk of successful habits, to walking the walk.
  • Give you strategies to actually implement your knowledge so you move from busy, busy, busy to productive, profitable and happy!
  • Deliver new tools that you can use immediately to increase your clarity, confidence and chutzpah needed to run a successful company.
I want what she's having - save my seat!
100% Money Back Guaranteed Seal

My personal guarantee

Attend The Big Shift and be Completely Satisfied or Get Your Money back. Take in every moment, take notes and network like crazy. If at the end of the day, you did not learn how to make a shift, we will refund your entire investment. Just let us know at the end of the day that you were not completely satisfied and we will refund your entire investment.You risk nothing - not a single penny. Your commitment is important to the success of this program. Please note that there are no refunds for non-participation. All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable if you do not attend the event.

Yes, I am ready for The Big SHIFT - $97 - The Big Shift is an annual event - give yourself the education and inspiration needed to finish out 2016 with a fresh perspective and renewed energy for your business and life.  The event is in beautiful downtown Decatur, Georiga.  Yes, yes, yes, - I am ready for the Big Shift!

Fast action bonus

The first 20 people that register will be invited to a private virtual meeting with Wendy before the conference to help you maximize your experience at the event. Wendy will help you gain clarity on what your Big Shift is and how to accelerate your progress towards achieving that.

It is time for you to have everything you want and more. If you do not join us, you may be in the same exact place you are at this time next year, hoping and praying for your Big Shift. I want more for you. I want you to have a profitable business and delicious life!

With excitement and gratitude,

Wendy working with a client.

PS– I almost forgot to tell you -I love to host parties and this will be the biggest one I have ever put on.

It is time for me to share these practices so you can finally enjoy the elusive work-life balance, annual vacations and time with your family and friends, instead of working at night.

You can have all of this, and money in the bank so your bills are on autopay and you are loving your life.

I want this for you! If you have the same desire, join us at The Big Shift.

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